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With the new Pro Kit G4, you don't capture what you see. Instead, you create your vision. To fully immerse your audience, use the 120 ° viewing angle and the distortion-free Pro Cinema Wide G4. To transfix them, choose the Pro Portrait Tele G4 lens, designed for street and portrait photographers to bring the spectacular to life and even bring it 2.5x closer to your subject. And if your audience should feel like they are behind the camera, POV never looked better than with the extremely wide 180 ° Pro Fisheye G4. Whether your profession is your career, passion or both, you will be amazed at the difference these three Pro G4 lenses make. (And your fans too.) This is unparalleled versatility. It is an unparalleled creative freedom. And from the comforts of home to the most remote parts of the planet, the gorgeous protective cover keeps all three firmly in place, ready to blow in the blink of an eye. Do you imagine all the possibilities? Then now is the time to make them your reality.

Pro Portrait Tele G4 - Get 2.5x closer to your subject if it is physically impossible, such as from a cliff or across the street. Make your subject pop out of the image with a shallower depth of field. Capture images that look more lifelike and show the world as your eyes see it. Pro Fisheye G4 - The 180 ° Fisheye is the most commonly used close-up lens that allows you to get close to the action while still capturing the environment. Whether you're capturing powder lines, making park runs or just wanting to make the landscapes look massive, this is the lens for you. Pro Cinema Wide G4 - The 120 ° Pro Cinema Wide G4 without corner distortion offers you the perfect cinematic experience in all your photos and videos. Protective zippered travel bag - Durable and easy to pack zippered travel bag with a carabiner.